We are an IT technology services provider with extensive industry expertise and experience. We specialize mainly in providing Enterprise IT Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions and Hardware Products. Our primary services are:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

  • Server and Storage Solutions

  • IT Infrastructure Security Solutions

  • Wireless, LAN and WAN Solutions

  • Power Systems and UPS Solutions

  • Structured Cabling Solutions

  • Consultancy and Professional Services

Wel also serve as the authorized local distributor/partner for:

  • Schenider Electric NCP Products

  • Canovate Data Center Solutions

  • Geist Gloabl Products

  • Orinet Server Racks, KVMs and Accessories


Network Infrastructure, IT, Security and LAN/WAN Consultancy

Whether you are looking to implement these technologies for the first time, lookig to upgrade your existing systems/technologies or simply looking to resolve issues with your existing systems, our highly skilled and experienced team would be able study and analyze your individual situation and provide you with comprehensive, relevant and state-of-the-art solutions that are custom designed for you.

Structured Cabling

With our structured cabling solutions, we can ensure you the highest performing, standards based copper solutions available. Our structured cabling solutions will help you ensure optimum performace and flexibility and will the longest possible life-span for re-cabling or upgrading will be required. Our cabling solutions are based on globally recognized and accepted standards.

Data Center Infrastructure, Servers and Storage Solutions

Your data center strategy should be designed to help your organization reach its business goals. We can help you craft a comprehensive solution, that will help your organization achieve its business goals, while building towards your vision for the future. Armed with domain expertise and industry experience, our team will work with you every step of the way to help you maximize the use of your data and IT resources.

Power Systems and UPS Solutions

An uninterrupted power supply is vital to ensure a smooth operation and sufficient data protection. Power failures, surges, under and over voltage events account for more than an estimated 60 billion US dollars in losses for the commercial sector. At NextEn, we provide mission critical power supply solutions for all your mission critical applications, systems and data.

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  • Actassi
  • Canovate
  • Checkpoint
  • Cisco
  • Digilink
  • Envicool
  • Fortinet
  • Geist
  • HP
  • Juniper Networks
  • Orient
  • Ruckess Wireless
  • Schneider
  • UST Global